Egg Whites

Egg whites are my favorite go-to for when short of time. Nutritious for your body, they are excellent for your skin.


Egg whites:

  • tighten

  • brighten

  • cleanse

  • shrink pore size

  • rich in collagen, they plump up your skin

Next time you make eggs, don't waste the whites sticking to the shells. Swipe it on your skin, and wash off when dry. 


My earliest memories are of my Ammi & aunts rubbing lemon of their hands & nails. As I get older I've come to realize the importance of simple, DIY skincare. 


Lemon juice:

  • vitamin C helps in production of collagen

  • brightens

  • cleanses

  • shrink pore size

Next time you've squeezed a lemon, take the rind and rub gently on your skin. Your skin may tingle strongly. Deeply inhale the fresh invigorating scent before rinsing off. . 


Everybody loves potatoes, even those who dislike veggies! Yummy in the tummy, and a Blessing for the skin, Potatoes are so rich in vitamins, minerals & enzymes that they help:

  • firm & brighten

  • help remove pigmentation

  • fade acne scars

When cooking with potatoes, try this out. Let the potato juice relax on your skin for about 15 minutes before washing off.  

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