When your skin needs soothing, hydrating & exfoliating at the same time, a mask is your best bet.

Tabassum, organic gram flour & turmeric mask is an ancient healing recipe from the Indian sub-continent. Indian women have been using this vitamin+enzyme rich blend daily for centuries.

Tova Marin, owner of Blue Sky Wellness Studio & Michelle Thompson, office manager use Tabassum for the very first time. :) 


Urdu for Fire-Fly, Jugnoo is one of our best sellers. An enriching blend of organic rice flour and organic hibiscus, is a favorite go-to for when you need instant brightening.

Hibiscus is so rich in collagen enhancing vitamin C, that it's called the "botox" plant.

Amy Puckett of Tidy Fox loves Jugnoo so much that she uses it twice a week!. :) 

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