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Urdu for "Obsession", Fitoor (fee-toor) is Ishq's salt scrub. Handcrafted with sea-salt from the coast of the Pacific Northwest, blended with organic dried red rose petals & organic coconut oil, Fitoor is your go-to scrub when you want to feel like you took dip in the warm, tropical waters of Hawaii. 

Saturated with natural minerals, Fitoor is a detoxifier. The anti-microbial organic coconut oil combined with the organic dried red rose petals will infuse your being with moisture & the gentle fragrance of crushed red roses. 



Pacific Northwest seasalt, organic coconut oil, organic dried red rose petals



  • Gently massage in a circular manner a quarter teaspoon of Fitoor onto moist skin for about a minute. Wash off, pat dry & moisturize with your favorite Ishq moisturizing cream. *Disclosure: most of our clients don't find the need to after using Fitoor!"
  • We love using Fitoor in the shower. Take a tablespoon of Fitoor in a shatterproof bowl into the shower. Scrub away & rinse off. No mess!
  • Don't put wet fingers into Fitoor



Away from sunlight in a cool, dry place. We love storing Fitoor in our dresser drawer.



Fitoor is a fresh organic scrub handcrafted without any stabilizers or preservatives. We guarantee 60 days from the opening of the jar.


Gift Sets:

Fitoor is wonderful by itself as a gift set, but make it a rosy two-some with Roohani, organic rose moisturizing cream, and a rocking three-some with Uns, organic rose-ancient volcanic mud mask.



    Fitoor in Urdu means obsession. The Pacific Northwest seasalt gives your skin a wonderful exfoliation while enveloping you with the gentle fragrance of roses. 


    Ishq products are made with the intention of enveloping you with all the love and goodness that's put in them. We want you to be happy and in love with your product. If for some reason you are not, we're happy to exchange or offer your a full refund.

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