'Grateful' Wall Art Gift Tray

'Grateful' Wall Art Gift Tray


Ishq Gift Set Option:


We believe in being as eco-friendly as possible. Instead of putting together gift sets in baskets that end up in the land fill, we offer you a range of products that you can re-use. When you gift Ishq to others, we would love for your presence to continue, even after the product is over.:)


Here we have wall art that says "Grateful Thankful Blessed". It can be used as wall art, or as a jewelry keeper, or remote control holder. The possiblities are endless!


What comes in your Ishq gift set:

- one wall art - "Grateful Thankful Blessed"

- two or three Ishq products of your choice (purchase separately)

- one satchet of organic dried flowers that can be used as potpouri, or to steam your face. Simply put the flowers in a bowl of hot water, lower your face to a comfortable distance away from the bowl, cover your head and bowl with a towel. Inhale the fragrance and relax

- a beautifl card telling a bit of Ishq's story and the products

- wrapped in cellphane

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