Hayaath, Ishq Organic Hair Oil

Hayaath, Ishq Organic Hair Oil


Handcrafted with 20 organic ingredients used since ancient times to strengthen & grow hair, and reduce scalp irriations like dandruff & scaliness, Hayaath is my family of healer's hair oil recipe.


Urdu for Long Life, Hayaath is a potent hair oil with a powerful smell.



Organic Oils: Mustard, Fractionated Coconut, Castor, Neem, Sesame

Organic Herbs, Seeds & Roots: Nettle, Alkanet, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Cinnamon, Curry leaves, Fenugreek, Poppy seeds, Black seeds, Indigo, Marshmallow root

Organic flowers & fruit: Hibiscus, Rose, Amla

Minerals: Iron powder



Pour half a dropper into a small bow. Dipping the tips of your fingers into Hayaath, massage it into your scalp starting with the crown of your head. Spread evenly onto your scalp. Leave on half hour to overnight. Wash normally. 

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