"Soulmate" in Urdu Saiyyoni (sigh-oh-nee) is a coming together of two exotic ancient ingredients - organic Indian sandalwood & organic saffron. 

Used throughout ancient China & India for anti-septic, anti-inflammatory properties, Sandalwood over time forms a barrier on your skin protecting it from harmful toxins & free radicals. 

One of the most expensive spice, Saffron is high in anti-oxidants & vitamin C. Not only does it brighten, tighten & hydrate, but it also boosts the immune system of the skin.

Saiyyoni's fragrance is deeply sensual, woodsy with a hint of sweetness. It makes us feel like Indian royalty!



Organic Indian sandalwood powder, organic saffron


Directions of use:


1/4 teaspoon Saiyyoni

1/2 teaspoon organic rose water

1/4 teaspoon honey

Mix in a small bowl till smooth. Apply a thin layer on dry skin. Wash off when dry. Moisturize with Ishq moisturizing cream




  • in cool dry place, like dresser drawer



It's a dry powder that doesn't know how to expire! 


Gift Set:

Saiyyoni is beautiful by itself a gift set, but to make it a sandalwood sensual experience pair it with Sukoon, organic sandalwood moisturizing cream.


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