Shamaa (shuh-maa)

Shamaa (shuh-maa)


Shamaa (shuh-maa) in Urdu means an Attractive Light. We at Ishq Skincare love coconut so much that we incorporate it’s oil in our organic creams & scrubs. We decided to take it up a notch with Shamaa, our brand new organic coconut & coffee invigorating scrub. Shamaa (shuh-maa) in Urdu means an attractive light. And oh baby, once you’ve used this deliciousness of organic dried coconut +organic coffee+organic coconut oil +organic coffee bean extract, you will shine so bright!



Organic dried coconut, organic coconut oil. organic coffee, organic coffee extract



Massage in a circular motion a quarter teaspoon of Shamaa onto moist skin for one minute. Wash off, pat dry & moisturize with your favorite Ishq moisturizer. *Disclosure - most of our clients don't find the need to after using Shamaa!*



  • Face, body
  • use atleast thrice a week for best results
  • safe for removing make up
  • safe for use under eyes
  • for all skin types
  • for all ages
  • we love Shamaa in the shower. Take a tablespoon of Shamaa in a shatterproof bowl into the shower. Scrub away & rinse off. No Mess! :) 



Shamaa is a fresh organic scrub handcrafted without any preservatives or stabilizers. We guarantee 45 days from the opening of the jar. 


Gift Set:

Shamaa is wonderful by itself in a gift set, but even more so with Fanaa, organic frankincense moisturizing cream. 



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