Tamanna- Organic Turmeric Moisturizing Cream

Tamanna- Organic Turmeric Moisturizing Cream


Inspired by the ancient healing recipes of the Indian sub-continent, Tamanna is infused with organic Turmeric essential oil. Urdu for "Desire", Tamanna (thuh-muh-naa) brings coolness & healing to those of us with chronic inflammation like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis & rosacea.



Organic butters - cocoa, shea, beeswax

Organic waters - rose hydrosol, aloe vera gel

Organic oils - coconut, olive, almond, vitamin E, organic turmeric, lanolin



  • tiny amount
  • face, body
  • safe for under-eyes & eye-lids



Away from sunlight in a cool, dry place. We love storing Tamanna in our dresser drawer.



Tamanna is a fresh organic moisturizing cream handcrafted without stabilizers or preservatives. We guarantee 60 days from the opening of the jar. You may prolong it's life by storing it in the fridge. Just remember to use it!


Gift Set:

Tamanna is good by itself in a gift set, or you can make it a tumeric powerhouse by combining with her sister Tabassum


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