Wood & Gold Coaster Gift Set

Wood & Gold Coaster Gift Set


Ishq Gift Wrap:


We believe in being as eco-friendly as possible. Instead of putting together gift sets in baskets that end up in the land fill, we offer you a range of products that you can re-use. When you gift Ishq to others, we would love for your presence to continue, even after the product is over.:)


Here we have single wood coasters with golden corners. We can customize it with your single Ishq product, be it Fitoor, Noor, Josh, Fanaa, Junoon, Luthf or Uns. 


What is in your Ishq Gift Set:

- one heart shaped tray handcrafted with palm fibers

- one Ishq product of your choice (purchase separately)

- one sachet of organic dried flowers which can be used as potpouri, or to steam your face. Simple put the flowers in a bowl of hot water, lower your face to a comfortable distance away from the bowl, cover your head and the bowl with a towel. Inhale the fragrance and relax.

- A pretty card telling Ishq's story, and a bit about the products

- Wrapped up in cellophane



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