Success Stories

“I really love Ishq Creams. I started using it on my baby bump from my 6th month, and I noticed that it kept my bump moisturized the whole day. In fact, it was clearing out some of my old stretch marks too! The fragrance in Luthf is not overpowering. It’s subtle, just the way I like it! I look forward to using the entire range from Ishq Creams”

Muzna Nishath, Chennai, India

“Ishq Creams leaves a beautiful light scent long after you put it on. I love the creamy texture it has. It feels amazing when you apply it to your skin. It has helped me a lot in the summer. When I sunburn, I put Ishq Cream on, and it keeps me from peeling.”

Ashley Smith, Havalah Photography, Hillsboro, Oregon

“Thank you Ishq Creams! I have chronic dry knees, and have used a lot of expensive creams to try make them soft. Nothing worked, except Junoon! Thank you Sarah!”

Dr.Alaa Mohamed, Hillsboro, Oregon

“Ishq Creams is like a magic potion! People started noticing, and complimenting how soft, clear and glowing my skin had become. If you want to look young and say bye bye to dry skin, then use Ishq Creams”

Humaira Peeran, Bengaluru, India