Ishq Skincare

Ishq is a healing line of ethical, organic skincare handcrafted with ingredients sourced from Oregon farms & companies that practice fair-trade policies. Ishq (ee-shuh-quh) in Urdu means Love. We come from a family of Healers who've been using the power of plants to cure-treating the body as a physical and spiritual entity.

Holding these teachings sacred, Ishq's mission is to bring you healing while supporting fellow small businesses, national & global social causes. By locally sourcing our ingredients & glass jars we are actively supporting our economy. Ending youth homelessness is a cause that is very close to our hearts. Having our labels designed by at risk youth in Portland is how we incorporate that into Ishq Skincare. Each Ishq product comes with it's own bag that's handcrafted by women in Bangalore, India using up-cycled materials. These women are learning how to sow, and become financially independent. Ishq Skincare, and through a purchase-you,  are empowering them to stand up for themselves.

Meet Shaahi, Organic Beard & Mustache Oil

First in a line of Ishq Skincare specially designed for Men. 

New Product!

Best Sellers

Organic Turmeric Moisturizing cream-Tamanna

Organic Seasalt & Rose Scrub-Fitoor

Organic Turmeric & Gram Flour Mask- Tabassum

Organic Jasmine Moisturizing Cream-


Ishq on YouTube

The Beaverton Night Market Holiday Bazaar was a wonderful way to close out 2019. Film maker Jordon Thierry of Dream Chase Life showcases local vendors representing their cultures.

Ishq on Fox News

Watch Sarah Zareen, the founder of Ishq Skincare, talk about the inspiration behind the brand :

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