My Story

Growing up in the Southern and Western hemispheres of the world has given me an opportunity to learn-about perseverance, kindness, giving and showing respect to the world around. I’ve found inspiration and guidance from the Prophets, may Peace and Blessings be upon them, of how to live a life of service and gratitude. I’ve grown up seeing my parents show respect and kindness to everyone, from the delivery boy to our teachers. It was their example that moved me to volunteer with Stand Up For Kids-Silicon Valley, a national non-profit dedicated to end youth homelessness. The lessons I learnt from fellow volunteers, and the homeless youth, are innumerable. But the ones I hold close to my heart are three: to be kind, to be nonjudgemental and, to listen.

An important lesson the homeless youth taught me was to never give up on one’s dreams. They gave me the courage to pursue one of mine - being a travel show host. was born out of a desire to make travel accessible to everyone, and to present family-friendly options. I believe strongly in the kindness of humanity. Through my travel videos, I want to show that we are not different from each other, that there is no “us vs them”, that we all bleed, cry and, laugh the same.


Ishq in Urdu means Love. After many weeks of looking for the right name, the name came to me while I was praying. It fit it perfectly with my vision - to make skincare that is simple and accessible;to make sure the entire process nourishes the skin, and the soul. 

Ishq took shape organically over the past 8 years. The journey started with a desire to follow the Prophetic way of living a clean life, not just internally but externally as well. It continues with eating organic and, being a conscious consumer. I started experimenting with making my own moisturizer. When I saw how my skin stayed moisturized the whole day and how supple and soft it looked, I started sharing it with the women in my life. They love it for the same reasons I do – supremely moisturizing, anti-aging with a heavenly fragrance. And now I share it with you.


May Ishq envelop you with all the Love & Goodness that's put in it. 

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