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Urdu for "Divine Light from within", Noor is an old family recipe. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids & anti-oxidants, the organic blue poppyseeds in Noor are ideal for brightening & calming inflamed skin (eczema, psoriasis)

The first note of fragrance you catch is the lavender, followed by the sultriness of the blue poppy-seeds. A hint of tropical coconut oil rounds the richness of the scrub.

Combined with organic  coconut oil &  dried lavender buds, Noor brings about a calm that's as lovely as walking through a field of sweet lavender. 



Organic blue poppyseeds, organic coconut oil, organic ground lavender buds



  • Gently Massage in a circular manner a quarter teaspoon of Noor onto moist skin for about a minute. Wash off, pat dry, & moisturize with your favorite Ishq moisturizing cream. *discloure - many of our clients don't find the need to after using Noor!*
  • We love using Noor in the shower. Take a tablespoon of Noor is a shatterproof bowl into the shower. Scrub away, and rinse off. No mess! :) 
  • Don't put wet fingers into the jar.



Away from sunlight in a cool, dry place. We love storing it in our dresser drawer.



Noor is a fresh organic scrub handcrafted without any stabilizers & preservatives. We guarantedd 45 days from the opening of the jar.


Gift Sets:

Noor is beautiful by itself as a gift set, but pairing it with Luthf, organic lavender moisturizing cream is even better! 



    Noor in Urdu means a Divine Light from within. This organic scrub gently exfoliates while infusing your skin with the light fragrance of lavender. 

    When crushed organic blue poppyseeds release an oil that is healing for your skin. It has anti-aging and skin brightening properties. 


    Ishq products are made with the intention of enveloping you with all the love and goodness that's put in them. We want you to be happy and in love with your product. If for some reason you are not, we're happy to exchange or offer your a full refund.

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